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COVID-19 Update

MAY 19 2020 

Opening of SHPD!

Dear Families! We have been eagerly anticipating our return to work, and we want to share with you the steps we are taking to ensure your and our safety as we move forward!  In addition to the safety practices already in place, you will notice:

1. Our entire staff will be wearing surgical masks, and we will require parents to wear them as well. Providers performing certain restorative procedures will be wearing additional face and body protection. 

 2. Staff will be having their temperatures taken and recorded daily and not be permitted to work if 100.4 or higher. Patients will also be having their temperatures taken and appointments rescheduled for anyone with a temp over 100.4 F. 

 3. Increased spacing of chairs in the reception area, along with barriers strategically placed to reduce unnecessary interactions and maintain social distancing. 

 4. Barriers at the front desk (decorated daily, of course by our crazy staff!) 

 5. Increased routine cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces with our current hospital grade sanitizer 

 6. Sanitizer stations set up around the office. 

 7. Privacy curtains between the chairs in our recare bay to ensure that social distancing can be maintained. 

 8. Laminated and sanitizable prize "menus" to allow children to select their prizes. All toys and books have been removed from the reception area as well.

 9. We will limit the number of adults to just 1 parent or guardian per family.

10. Medical grade air filtration devices installed.

Further, you may be asked to come in slighlty earlier or slightly later to help stagger appointment times. If so, these small changes should be no greater than 15 minutes. Finally, you may choose to wait in your car after checking in if you arrive early. This is a lot of information! We know things are complicated right now, but we will adjust together, and we thank you for your continued trust in our practice!