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Thank you for all that you do for us, Kym!

We are celebrating National Dental Hygienist Week at SHPD, and we couldn't be more excited to honor our very own Kym!

Kym is our restorative hygienist. When young children need fillings or other restorative procedure, they are understandably anxious. Kym is lavish with praise and encouragement. She explains everything, and provides a running commentary to the child so that nothing comes as a surprise. By telling the patients (in simple, understandable words) what is happening, they can anticipate the next instrument, sensation, or procedure with minimal anxiety.

Not only is she exceptional with children, but she is also a caring and enthusiastic member of our SHPD team. Kym also loves to share her vast wealth of knowledge and experience, and teaches students at EWU's Dental Hygiene program. We are so proud to have this skilled and talented lady on our staff.