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Oral Trauma

Primary (baby) Teeth

If the tooth is displaced to the side, pushed back or pushed up, the tooth should not be re-positioned. Trying to move a baby tooth may damage to the developing permanent tooth. Baby teeth will often migrate back into their original position without intervention. A bumped tooth may be slightly wiggly, and will likely tighten up with time. A soft diet is recommended for 1-2 weeks.

Permanent Teeth

Displaced/dislodged: Call the dentist immediately if a tooth appears to be pushed out of the socket, to the side, up, back or down.

Knocked out: Call the dentist immediately. Place the tooth in Tooth-Saver (if available), place the tooth otherwise, place the tooth in room-temperature milk. The tooth should be re-implanted within 60 minutes and splinted by your dentist.

Fractured/Cracked: A fractured tooth may be sensitive, and should be protected by a restoration until it can be fully restored. Depending on the severity of the fracture, the tooth may not be able to be restored to its final shape immediately, and can be covered with a temporary restoration. A soft diet should be followed for 1-2 weeks.