What Sets Us Apart

An Informed Perspective

With over a decade of pediatric dentistry experience, including studies in child psychology, sedation, and behavior management, Drs. Erin Johnson, Becky Coombs, and Tessa Holmes are dedicated to providing positive pediatric dental experiences for children while also keeping parents informed every step of the way.

Confidence and Trust

We know that a child's first experience with their pediatric dentist should be a pleasant one. We ask questions before examinations to ensure that children feel heard and respected, which allows us to tailor each visit to the child's preference and needs.

Parents are Team Members

Parents are vital members of our team and are encouraged to join their children in treatment areas when appropriate. As a part of our community, we invite you and your family to stop by and say hello. We prioritize family involvement and enjoy engaging children to be interested in their oral health.

A Space for Your Child

In spring of 2021, we moved our nest to a brand new building with the goal of creating a state of the art child-centric office. Our new office is one way we’ve built on our pledge to provide the most advanced, comprehensive, accessible, and coordinated oral health care in a nurturing, child-centered dental office.

State of the Art Technology

The building features updated technology and tools to keep smiles healthy and everyone safe. We’ve modernized our equipment, and our Solea® laser tools help eliminate aerosols and are less invasive than traditional methods.

Community Space

We love our community of parents and patients, and with our larger space, we’re able to accommodate more of you, and share more events, contests, and activities in the space. We encourage all families to participate!

611 E 31st Ave
Spokane, Wa 99203
(509) 315-8500